Welcome to Design and Create Marketing by Kate. I am an independent digital marketer that’s eager to integrate innovative designs and content into your personal and professional projects. 

I founded Design & Create Marketing because I have a passion for producing unique graphic designs, and engaging content. My passion to design and create digital marketing combined with my enthusiasm to help others, is the perfect equation for success! 

If you are a busy CEO or Executive, I am your go-to girl for all things digital marketing. You no longer have to be sidetracked by day to day tasks that clog up your schedule. It is my job to take projects off your plate so that you can focus on what you are truly meant to do, run your business. 

My Story

Ever since I was a child, I have always had a passion for being creative and helping others. Now I am blessed with the opportunity to live my childhood dream. 

I have been commanding the digital marketing industry for the past 7 years, and don’t plan on slowing down. I am confident that together, we can make some serious magic happen for your business!

I was once asked what does success look like to you? That was an easy one for me. My success is your success. I produce top-notch content and designs to help your business grow and increase revenue. 

Everyone has an area of expertise where they shine. Mine is behind the scenes, designing and creating digital marketing. You most likely thrive at owning and operating a business, networking, selling, and representing your brand.

Together we can bring your brand to a whole new level. You may have a long list of tasks you keep meaning to do, but keep putting off because you have more pressing obligations to partake in. It is my job to lighten your workload. 

Design & Create by Kate – Your Marketing Soul Mate

I can’t force you to take your superman/woman cape off and admit you need help on the back end of your business. But, I can tell you, if you do decide to team up with me you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. You will be free to focus on growing and running your business.

I look forward to assisting with the growth and success of your business and serving to free up your busy schedule. 

Virtually Yours,


Founder of Design and Create Marketing


It’s Virtually Possible™

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