Design and Create Marketing is your one-stop digital marketing shop! It has been said that I am the “Kate” of all trades when it comes to helping businesses market their brand and message to gain followers, clients and increase revenue.

I offer a wide variety of services to meet all of your digital marketing needs. I am confident that by joining forces, we will expedite the success of your business, and accomplish all of the goals you set out to achieve.

When you team up with me, we will each play a significant role in the success of your business. You are a busy CEO, Founder, Owner, Entrepreneur or Executive that has a LOT on their plate. Your main focus “should be” building relationships, networking, meeting and greeting clients, and growing your business.

The problem is, the busier you get, the more things pile up on your plate, and pull you in all different directions. This leads to unwanted stress and distracting you from what you do best…run your business!

When we team up, I will take tasks off your plate and be your go-to girl for all the behind the scenes marketing work that’s been bogging you down.

I take great pride in my work, pay close attention to detail and ensure that all of your marketing needs are met and all projects are launched to meet deadlines and exceed your expectations.

I never settle for less than the best, and won’t stop until all projects are done to your satisfaction.

P.S. If your head has been spinning and your to-do list keeps getting longer, I am here to help! I would love to set up a phone or video call with you to hear about your business and determine what areas my expertise can best serve you.

Your success is my success!

Virtually Yours,


Founder of Design and Create Marketing

Design and Create Marketing, It’s Virtually Possible™